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Wheel Picker

Tired of switching between options and not sure what to choose? Say goodbye to those days of decision failure with Wheel Picker!  This app is designed to help you make a random choice simply by spinning the wheel.

What is Wheel Picker?

Wheel Picker is a website that allows you to spin a virtual wheel to make a random choice.  It’s great for when you can’t decide what to do or where to go.

Using Wheel Picker

Do you need help making a decision?  Wheel Picker can help!  Here’s how to use our wheel picker to make a random choice.

First, go to the Wheel Picker website.  Then enter the choices you are considering in the text field.  You can enter as many choices as you want – just be sure to separate them with commas.

Once you have entered your choices, click on the ‘spin’ button.  The wheel starts spinning and eventually stops randomly at one of your options.  That’s your decision!

If you’re not happy with the result, you can always run again until you find an option that suits you.

So there you have it – using Wheel Picker is a quick and easy way to make a random choice.  Try it the next time you need help making a decision!

Different types of wheels available

There are many different types of wheels that can be used to make an arbitrary choice.  Some of the most popular are:

– The classic spinning wheel with different sections that you can spin to land on any pick.

– A wheel with different choices assigned to different numbers or sections that you can spin to randomly select an option.

– An online wheel spinner that you can use to generate a random pick.  There are many websites that offer this type of service.

Whichever method you choose, make sure the wheel is fair and balanced so that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wheel Picker

There are several pros and cons to using Wheel Picker to make random choices.

One of the biggest advantages is that it is a very quick and easy way to make a decision.  Wheel Picker can be used to decide everything from what to eat for lunch to who should be first in a game.

Another advantage is that it is a fair way to make a decision.  Everyone has an equal chance of winning when the wheel is spinning.  This is in contrast to other methods of making decisions, such as the flip of a coin, where there is still an element of chance involved.

One downside to using Wheel Picker is that it can be seen as impulsive or reckless.  Making decisions without thinking carefully about them can lead to wrong choices being made.

Another drawback is that not everyone will like the decision made.  When using Wheel Picker, you must be willing to accept the decision of the wheel.  This can be difficult if there is a lot at stake or if there are people who are strongly opposed to the decision made.

Overall, Wheel Picker is a quick and easy way to make a decision.  However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before using this method to make a decision.

How do you make your own wheel?

If you’re looking for a way to pick something at random, why not try making your own wheel?  It’s easy to do and can be a lot of fun.  Plus, it’s a great way to settle arguments or make decisions when you can’t agree on something.

This is what you need:

– A large piece of cardboard
– A sharp knife
– A pen or marker
– Some paint or other decorations (optional)

First cut a circle out of the cardboard.  You can make it as big or small as you want.  Make sure it’s big enough to write on.

Then use the utility knife to cut evenly spaced wedges around the edge of the circle.  You can make as many or as few wedges as you want.  Just remember that the more wedges there are, the smaller they will be.

Once you’ve cut all the wedges, it’s time to write on them.  You can write down anything you want, but it might be helpful to write down any choices or options.  For example, if you’re trying to decide where to have lunch, write several restaurant names on each wedge.


The Wheel Picker is a great tool for anyone who needs help making a random choice.  Whether you’re trying to decide what to have for lunch or what movie to watch, the Wheel Picker can help you make a decision in no time.  Just spin the wheel and let it choose for you.  So next time you’re indecisive, give the Wheel Picker a try.

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Happy Spinning

The Wheel Picker is the ultimate solution to a problem that has been plaguing humankind for decades – choosing a color. Whether you’re picking paint, clothes, or furniture, this will help you make a decision easier.
James Lewis

Create your free custom decision wheel today!